SA Legend 5 Silverback

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These speakers are your new High Definition music system

Two wireless speakers. That’s all you need to have a complete High Definition music system.

  • Digital wireless speaker
  • Sound in impressing High Definition quality
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Fills the room with sound
  • Easy to place

Imagine this. You’re coming home from work with music in your headphones. You grab the smartphone in your pocket, and a few seconds later music flows from the speakers in the living room.

Wirelessly and in High Definition quality.

It is that simple to live with SA legend 5 silverback. You don’t have to find a cable, push a button, turn a button – and still, you won’t get it right in the first try.

We have made it simple.

And we’re not talking about a plastic sound that makes the music sound flat.

We are talking about this: Just after walking through the door, music flows wirelessly from the speakers in an excellent High Definition quality.

Without you even having to deal with the technology.

To achieve this, you need two SA legend 5 silverback. Nothing more.
SA legend 5 silverback

These speakers are your new entire music system

Together with a smartphone, the speakers are all you need to have a music system with sublime High Definition sound quality.

We’ve digitalised and optimised all the functions that used to require cables and equipment and replaced them with intelligent and integrated technology in the speaker. This way, the listening experience reach a new level that used to be unattainable.

The speakers are all you need to get listening experiences, uniting high quality and great usability.

We make great experiences easier to attain

In a world in which many technologies don’t work together, we’ve cleaned up the mess.

We built in Airplay for your Apple. Chromecast for your Android. Bluetooth for all and Spotify Connect for the most.

Technology is meant to serve humans – not the other way around. Therefore, we’ve built in everything you need, so you don’t need to give it another thought.

Notice that Chromecast is unique in controlling independent music experiences from several speakers in a home. All you need is the Google Home App, which will control it all for you together with the built-in Chromecast. Google Home is also available for Apple.

SA hub

You can easily connect devices that require a cable

This is our hub. It is the meeting point of all equipment that use cable.

This could be your TV, turntable, CD, computer, game console etc..

When you connect them to the hub, they become part of the wireless universe. The hub distribute their signal wirelessly and uncompressed to the speakers.

The hub can be put away. It does’nt have to be in a visible place. If you wish, you may also connect the speakers with a cable from your preamplifier.

SA legend 5 silverback is prepared for digital wireless home theater

SA legend 5 silverback is prepared to enter into a world of wireless digital 7.1 home cinema, if you want it to. It only requires that you connect the speaker with the click of a button according to its position in the home theatre (rear speaker, center or surround speaker etc.)

In this simple way, you set-up a wireless cinema with up to 8 speakers.

In other words, don’t lose your investment because you want a home theater.

You build on what you already have.

SA hub Rückseite

We created amazing speakers before we made them wireless

A big difference between SA and most other brands is that we have roots in music.

It means that our focus is on the sound, and we test our speakers in a number of ways, to ensure that the sound is just right.

For example, we use a large group of musicians and music lovers to test our speakers. Their job is to test the loudspeakers with a lot of music and styles.

They test whether it is easy to follow the rhythm of the music. They pay attention to whether the vocals are presented with the right passion and presence.

At System Audio, the sound has the final word.

SA legend 5 silverback

Let’s take a look at the woofer

There is no woofer like the one in SA legend 5 silverback. Here you find the main reason for the loudspeaker’s incredibly big sound. The membrane moves 40% more than normal, and you experience a deeper bass and a richer sound than other speakers of the same size.

The membrane is made of carbon fiber. The lightweight material helps make the sound clearer and more vibrant, and you get a clear sense of being close to the music.

SA legend 5 silverback

Fills the living room with sound

The tweeter in SA legend 5 silverback is newly developed with the patented DTX acoustic lens. This means that the sound covers the entire room. You do not have to sit in a certain place to get the best experience.

The extremely lightweight membrane makes the sound delicate and nuanced so you never miss the magic of the music.


150 Watt / 2-Wege, aktiv, zwei Verstärker pro Lautsprecher


40-25.000 Hz (+/- 3dB)


Tweeter: Legend DXT | Woofer: Legend 15/4


Aktiv, 2-Wege Bassreflex

Abmessungen (BxHxT)

19 x 32 x 26.5 cm

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Gewicht (pro Stück)

6,7 kg


schwarz Satin, weiß Satin


Upgradable DSP / Built-in wireless WiSA receiver