Netzfilter Diamond HDX2

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High-performance power distributor.

  • Dimensions 340x180x80 mm
  • Weight 3.100 kg
  • Thickness sheet steel Enclosure 8/10 black oven-painted textured finish
  • 4VRC© Copper internal wiring star connection to ensure maximum performance
  • Power supply 230V/50 Hz max 2300W
  • Network Filter 230V/60A RFI interference suppressor cell double shielded
  • Unipolar Switch resettable 10A circuit breaker Diruptor
  • Power Switch 2-pole 16A
  • Surge suppressor of over-voltage gas discharger SIEMENS
  • Voltmeter Ammeter lcd for detecting network voltage and current
  • Taken from IEC Panel 16
  • Five EU socket Hi-Quality Inputs